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  1. Escalante I., Kellner J. R., Rodríguez R. L., & Desjonquères C. 2022. A female mimic signal type in the vibrational repertoire of male Enchenopa treehoppers. Behaviour.

  2. Desjonquères C., Villén‐Pérez S., De Marco P., Márquez R., Beltrán J. F., & Llusia, D. 2022. Acoustic species distribution models (aSDMs): A framework to forecast shifts in calling behaviour under climate change. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 13(10), 2275-2288.

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  22. Cooper, L. C., C. Desjonquères, & S.R. Leather. 2014. Cannibalism in the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum. Insect science, 21(6), 750-758.

Book Chapters

  1. Linke, S, C. Desjonquères, T. Gifford & L. Barclay. 2022. Freshwater ecoacoutics–a new addition for inland water monitoring. Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences, 4, 657-666.

  2. Rodríguez, R.L. & C. Desjonquères. 2019. Vibrational Signals: Sounds Transmitted Through Solids. In Encyclopedia of Animal Behaviour. Oxford: Elsevier.

Other scientific contributions

Presentations at conferences and seminars

  • September 2022: Acoustics Methods Series, Online. Invited seminar.
  • September 2022: Bridging Brains and Bioacoustics seminar, Online. Invited seminar.
  • September 2022: BIOSEFAIR, Lyon, France. Invited seminar.
  • August 2022: ESEB conference, Prague, Czech Republic. Symposium co-host and oral presentation.
  • August 2022: Workshop “Full-stack bioacoustics: field kit to AI to action”, Leiden, the Netherlands. Poster presentation.
  • May 2022: OFB seminar series, online. Invited seminar.
  • March 2022: Friday Lab Chat, online. Oral presentation.
  • November 2021: Atelier INSU-INEE-INSIS du CNRS “Le vivant comme vecteur d’observation”. Invited talk.
  • September 2021 : ESEB satellite meeting on reproductive isolation, online. Oral presentation.
  • December 2020: Festival of Ecology, online conference. Invited talk.
  • November 2020: AGA2020 symposium on IGEs, online conference. Oral presentation.
  • November 2020: Tropicon, twitter conference. Twitter thread.
  • October 2020: Laboratoire écologie fonctionnelle et environnement. Invited seminar.
  • March 2020: Laboratoire d’écologie Alpine, Grenoble, France. Invited seminar.
  • February 2020: Center for Acoustics Research and Education (CARE) spring seminar series, University of New Hampshire, Durham, USA. Invited webinar.
  • January 2020: Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle & Evolutive, Montpellier, France. Seminar.
  • December 2019: 2019 ASAB winter meeting, London, UK. Oral presentation.
  • September 2019: International Bioacoustic Congress, Brighton, UK. Invited talk and oral presentation.
  • Novembre 2018: 176th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Victoria, Canada. Invited talk.
  • September 2018: Biotremology, Riva del Garda, Italy. Oral presentation.
  • August 2018: Animal Behaviour Society Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, USA. Oral communication.
  • May 2018: Society for Freshwater Sciences Annual Meeting, Detroit, USA. Symposium and oral communication.
  • February 2018: Graduate seminar series. Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA. Invited seminar.
  • October 2017: International Bioacoustics Congress, Haridwar, India. Oral communication and poster.
  • July 2017: International Congress for Conservation Biology, Cartagena, Colombia. Symposium and oral communication.
  • August 2016: Seminar series of the Australian River Institute, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Invited seminar.
  • March 2016: Behavioural and molecular ecology club, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA. Invited seminar.
  • September 2015: International Bioacoustic Congress, Murnau, Germany. Oral communication.
  • November 2014: Journée thématique Fleuves et rivières, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris. Invited seminar.
  • June 2014: Ecoacoustics, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris. Oral communication.
  • Februry 2014: Young Natural History scientists Meeting, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris. Oral communication.

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