Maternity leave

I’m pregnant and my maternity leave just started. I’ll be slower than usual at answering emails and working on all the fun projects I wish I had time to tackle.

Acoustic Method Series

Thanks Ben Gottesman and Larissa Sugai for inviting me to the online Acoustic Method Series to present my research on aSDMs, recently published in Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Great experience and interesting questions afterwards!

ESEB conference

I went to the ESEB conference in Prague. An intense conference of over 1500 participants. I listened to some fantastic speakers. Nathan Bailey and I organized a symposium on the role of plasticity in Evolution. We ended with a 45 minute discussion (and people were still going on after the 45 minutes). Thanks to all the presenters in our session! I also presented my own research on how social plasticity enhances signal and preference divergence in the session “The evolution of behavioural adaptations” organized by Philipp Brand, Mingzi Xu, Richard Merrill.

Full-stack bioacoustics: field kit to AI to action

This is the end of a fantastic five day workshop in Leiden. All day discussing how to use, deploy, and analyse passive acoustic monitoring. I met some wonderful people during the week! It’s always great to put a face on the authors of your favorite publications. It’s also good to be back at an in person event! Thanks to the four great organizers: Dan Stowell, Caitlin Black, Florencia Noriega and Sarab Sethi. I come back to the lab inspired and energized.

New paper on Acoustic Species Distribution Models (aSDMs)

Our new paper describing a methodological framework to build SDMs with acoustic data is out in Methods in Ecology and Evolution. In this paper with Sara Villén-Pérez, Paulo de Marco, Juan Beltrán, Rafael Márquez, and Diego Llusia, we details the steps to build aSDMs, use the Iberian tree frog to showcase this method and compare aSDMs with correlative and mechanistic SDMs. The code to build these aSDMs is available on GitHub.