PASSDAY21: June 21st 2021

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We are launching the first #PASSDAY21!

You want to contribute to a collaborative project aiming towards a better understanding of pond soundscapes? On June 21st go to your local pond, get your hydrophone out and record the #freshwater #soundscape!

A wide variety of organisms produce sounds underwater in ponds, frogs, insects, fish and even plants! Most people have a pond near their homes, and yet we currently know very little about the sounds found in those environments and the factors influencing them.

  • Who? You (basically anyone who owns a hydrophone!)
  • What? Your hydrophone and recorder
  • Where? Your local pond, anywhere in the world
  • When? June 21st anytime of the day or night
  • Why? To contribute to a cool collaborative project, to hear surprisingly diverse soundscapes, to express your love of ponds, to listen to something different on worldmusicday…

To participate, four simple steps:

  1. go out to a pond
  2. record 10 microhabitats for one minute each
  3. take note of metadata using the field data form:
  4. upload your recordings and metadata to Zenodo:

PASS is a new sampling scheme to collect rapid standardised acoustic samples in small waterbodies that we (Carlos Abrahams, Jack Greenhalgh and I) published recently. You can use for independent studies and/or upload your data on Zenodo to help generate an open database of worldwide pond soundscapes for scientific, educational or artistic purposes.

Get in touch with us at if you are interested in contributing, if you have any questions or if you want to share the coolest sounds you have ever heard in a pond. We hope to hear your #PASSDAY21 recording!

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