New paper by Chris Karaconstantis

The crazy underwater acoustic team (Chris Karaconstantis, Toby Gifford, Simon Linke and I) just published a new article on freshwater sounds. We find that within a site, single hydrophones can characterise soundscapes perfectly. Variation between adjacent sites is slightly higher, but diel change in river sounds needs to be accounted for!


Talk at the ASAB winter meeting

This week I had the opportunity to share my research and attend the 2019 ASAB winter meeting. This edition was focused on social environment and behavioral plasticity. Thanks to this conference I have met amazing researchers in the field and reaffirmed my passion for the evolutionary consequences of socially mediated plasticity. I’m really excited to get to investigate these burning questions next!


New paper about PAM designs

Larissa Sugai, Thiago Silva, Diego Llusia and I published a new paper in Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation about designs of Passive Acoustic Monitoring. This paper reviews what has been done so far in terms of spatial and temporal designs for terrestrial PAM and provides a roadmap to navigate this emerging field. I’m very excited for this first paper coming out of my second post-doc!


Video of the secret sounds of ponds

Noah Elliott Morrison made a wonderfull video of the piece we presented with by Ben Gottesman, David Rothenberg, and Casey Synaesael at the Depth exhibition at the science gallery in Detroit

The Secret Sounds of Ponds from Umru Rothenberg on Vimeo.

Talks at IBAC

I’m back from the IBAC conference in Brighton. I had a great time presenting my post-doc and PhD research! I also met new and fascinating people in the world of bioacoustics. What a great but exhausting week!