SFS award

At the SFS conference this year, my colleague Gea van der Lee won the graduate student runner up among graduate students for her poster on our paper recent paper in Ecological Indicators! Congrats!!


Start of a new position

I just finished my contract at the university autonomous of Madrid with Diego Llusia, and, as of today, I’m starting a new position at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Rafa Rodríguez’s lab. I’m excited to be back to work on treehoppers and start a new project about social plasticity and signal divergence.


News coverage

Our recent review received a bit of news coverage. You can find it here.


New paper in Ecological Indicators

Our new paper entitled Freshwater ecoacoustics: Listening to the ecological status of multi-stressed lowland waters just came out in Ecological Indicators! In this paper, we demonstrate that the underwater soundscape of ditches strongly correlates with oxygen dynamics. We suggest that this correlation could be used to estimate ditch metabolism. This work stems from a very happy collaboration between Gea van der Lee, her PhD advisers (Piet Verdonschot and Michiel Kraak), my PhD adviser (Jérôme Sueur) and me. It was initiated when Gea and I met at the SFS conference in 2018. Conferences can be great places to talk about crazy ideas and start fun new projects!


New paper in WIREs Water

Our new paper entitled The role of freshwater bioacoustics in ecological research just came out in WIREs Water! We review hundreds of articles and highlight research needs for the future of Freshwater Ecoacoustics. We show a shift from organism studies to more holistic approaches such as soundscape studies. We also identify arthropod research as an important future avenue for freshwater ecoacoustics.

Congratulations to Jack on his first PhD paper!